COVID-19 vaccination for residents in France

CERN personnel, and their accompanying family members, residing in France are included in the vaccination campaign, with the vaccine being made

Procedure for “travailleurs frontaliers" regarding the right to opt for a health insurance system

Members of personnel are reminded that their spouses who have “travailleur frontalier” (cross-border commuter) status are obliged to formally choose a

Reimbursement claims

We remind you that claims can be sent in 4 ways:

Electronic submission on MyUNIQA website. For more information, click here.
Electronic submission

Reimbursement of COVID-19 Tests

 As of 1st October 2021

COVID-19 vaccination for residents in Switzerland

We remind you that CERN has been informed that all members of CERN personnel, family members, and retirees residing in Switzerland are included in the

Opening hours of UNIQA offices during end-of-year closure

The UNIQA office at CERN (Main Building) will be closed during the two-week end-of-year closure.

We remind you that the UNIQA offices in Geneva rem

MEDGATE 24/7 Telemedecine

We remind you that you have access to a Telemedicine service 24/7 with MEDGATE

This service allows you to consult a doctor…

Electronic submission of reimbursement claims : new smartphone application

Following the implementation of the new portal since 1st April 2020, UNIQA has also deployed a smartphone application whose main functions

Your new laminated insurance card

As announced in the CHIS Bull’ 45 of April 2020, your new laminated insurance card is now available.


Update 17 avril 2020 - COVID 19 - COVID 19 - Access to medical care in Switzerland

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swiss authorities have restricted entry into Switzerland. Only Swiss citizens, holders of a residence permit in