Declaration of family and personal situation

CERN keeps a record of information concerning the family situation of the members of its personnel to ensure that they enjoy the benefits to which they are entitled. In particular, and in order to keep the health insurance cover of their family members up to date, Main Members are obliged, pursuant to Articles R V 1.38 and R V 1.39 of the Staff Rules and Regulations, to notify the Organization in writing of any changes:

  • in their marital status (marriage or divorce, partnership registration or dissolution) ;
  • in family situation (birth or adoption of a child, except in case of death* of a spouse or dependent child) ;
  • in the situation of a dependent child (end of studies, start of paid employment, military service, marriage or civil partnership, change of residence or dependence status of a spouse’s child)

by completing the EDH document: “Change of family and personal situation” (see procedure on Admin e-guide) or by sending the information to the Pension Fund within 30 calendar days of the change.

*For deaths, please contact the secretariat of your unit.