Health Insurance

Normal health insurance provides for the reimbursement of a major portion of the reasonable and customary expenses resulting from medical treatment that are incurred by Compulsory and Post-Compulsory Main Members, and, Subsidiary Members who are benefiting from this cover.


You can consult the list of benefits in Annex I of the CHIS Rules to find out how the various expenses will be reimbursed and whether any special conditions apply. You will also find in this Annex I details of reimbursement rates and expenditure ceilings.

Claiming reimbursement of medical expenses

You may claim reimbursement up to 12 months after the date of issue of the invoice. After one year, refund requests for reimbursement of medical expenses will no longer be accepted.

To claim your medical expenses for reimbursement, you have 2 possibilities:

  1. Complete the form CHIS/F01 - Claim for reimbursement of medical expenses. You have to complete one form per person and per case. The completed form must be returned to the Third-Party Administrator: UNIQA GlobalCare SA Switzerland, together with the original invoices and prescriptions and proof of payment of these invoices.  Indeed, UNIQA will only reimburse your medical expenses upon presentation of the invoices you have previously paid. It is therefore essential to attach to your request the proof of payment of each invoice. In addition, as the case may be, the prior approval or opinion must be attached to the request. Blue pre-printed envelopes bearing the address of UNIQA to send your requests are available at the departmental secretariats or at the UNIQA office at CERN.
  2. Submit your reimbursement claims to our third-party administrator, UNIQA, electronically via MyUNIQA website. Reimbursement claims must be accompanied by the usual supporting documents (bills, prescriptions, proofs of payment, etc.), and you must keep the original documents for two years.More information here.



Once a correctly completed claim for reimbursement has been received by the UNIQA Geneva office, reimbursement is usually made within a fortnight. Please note that the delay does not take into account the time for your claim to reach the Geneva office by post, nor the time needed for the bank transfer. Reimbursement times may also be affected by seasonal peaks, in particular around the beginning of the year.

Reimbursements are made in Swiss francs by bank transfer, and you will receive notifications of reimbursement both by postal mail and electronically to your account on UNIQA's Extranet. Should you prefer to receive only electronic documents, you may change these settings at any time on MyUNIQA.

Request for advance reimbursement

In special circumstances and after prior written request from the Member via CHIS/F04 form, the Third Party Administrator may make an early repayment of an invoice for high medical expenses. For more information, please contact the UNIQA office at CERN.