Alternative therapies

November 2022

All CHIS members have the right to be reimbursed for certain alternative therapies under specific conditions.

These alternative therapies are acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, osteopathy and etiopathy.

You may consult acupuncturists, doctors practising Chinese medicine and chiropractors, provided that they are recognised, qualified doctors licensed to practise medicine by the competent national authority of the country in which they operate. 

To find out whether your practitioner is recognised in Switzerland, you can consult the register of Swiss doctors on the FMH website:, which is the only official such register.

For France, the official register is the one maintained by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health:, which lists both doctors and medical auxiliaries.

Osteopathy and etiopathy are also recognised as alternative therapies, but there are two possible scenarios:

  • Your osteopath or etiopath is a recognised, qualified doctor licensed to practise medicine by the competent national authority of the country in which he or she operates: you may attend a consultation without a medical prescription. 
  • Your osteopath or etiopath is not a doctor, but holds a diploma as a recognised, qualified osteopath or etiopath licensed to practise the discipline: you may attend a maximum of five sessions per calendar year without a medical prescription. However, from the 6th session onwards, a medical prescription is necessary to be reimbursed. 

If in doubt, we recommend that you contact UNIQA before undergoing any treatment to obtain information on the conditions of coverage.