Flu vaccination campaign with the CERN Medical Service

As part of the flu vaccination campaign organised by the CERN Medical Service, the vaccine and the vaccination are free of charge to CHIS Members: Pos

COVID-19: Eight tips for staying in good mental and physical health during this challenging time

The Occupational Health Service addresses your COVID-19 concerns and proposes eight solutions to frequently encountered problems in these

Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

The normal measures that are effective at controlling the spread of illnesses such as seasonal flu also contribute to keeping the spread of the COVID

A good resolution for the New Year!

Happy New Year 2020!

With the New Year comes the time for resolutions: « Tomorrow, I’ll start working out! ». What a great idea! Returning to or

Avoid winter sports accidents!

Snow starts falling on the mountains, holidays are approaching and the equipment for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic walking, downhill

Vaccination against the influenza virus

Every winter, influenza, which is a contagious respiratory viral infection and the cause of seasonal epidemics, is responsible for many

Heavy heat and heat wave

Rising temperatures and heat waves pose health risks. Indeed, heat always tires and can lead to serious consequences such a deshydration or heat

Beware of tick bites!

Sunny days come with sun, heat, walks... and ticks! They live in wooded and humid areas, tall grasses... and take advantages of the passage of a human