COVID-19 vaccination for residents in Switzerland

We remind you that CERN has been informed that all members of CERN personnel, family members, and retirees residing in Switzerland are included in the vaccination campaign according to the same modalities and schedule as the rest of the population.

In the canton of Geneva, you can register here: remind you that persons insured by CHIS should tick the box "Foreign insurance valid in CH" and provide the insurance number and a cell phone number. The Canton of Geneva is also permitting people residing in France and holding a carte de légitimation to pre-register at the above link.

The organization of the vaccination campaign is evolving in accordance with the number of doses available and the number of people registered. For this reason, it is recommended that you regularly check the updates at the following website: published by the Canton of Geneva.

In the canton of Vaud, registrations are made via the website

For more information on vaccination campaigns in the other Swiss cantons, please consult the website: