Worldwide Assistance

UNIQA Worldwide Assistance

Normal health insurance cover provided by the CHIS is worldwide. In case of urgent health problems during travel outside the Geneva area, this servic can be reached using a single assistance number, which is printed on the back of your insurance card : +41.22.718.63.77.

Medical assistance services provided by UNIQA Assistance are available 24/7 and are the followings:

  • Help to find the nearest doctor or hospital that fits best to your medical condition,
  • Assistance to carry out the admission formalities in hospital abroad,
  • Organise medical transport if necessary,
  • Organise the delivery of urgently need medication that is not locally available,
  • Put you in contact with the Medgate telemedicine service

In addition, in the event of hospitalisation, and upon request from the hospital, this service provided by UNIQA can pay the invoice directly to the hospital.

To cover the cost of outpatient treatment, you will have to be reimbursed on the basis of the detailed and paid invoice, using form CHIS/F01.

Please note that if the Scheme provides evacuation when required for medical reasons, it does not provide repatriation.

Hospitalisation in USA

call +1.844.477.0777 to avoid paying a deposit for hospital admission, and you will significantly reduce the cost of your hospitalisation.
Important: concerning hospitalisation in the USA, even if the hospital insists, do not make deposit or payment to the hospital yourself, as you will no longer benefit from the reduction of costs negotiated by the UNIQA partner in the US.
Request that the hospital call the above number to obtain necessary guarantees of payment, or make the call yourself.