COVID-19 vaccination in Switzerland

Vaccination campaigns are being rolled out in both Host States. We have been informed that all members of CERN personnel, and their accompanying family members, as well as retirees residing in the two Host States will be included in these campaigns, and will be offered the vaccine in the same way and at the same pace as others in their respective country of residence. Both Host States are giving priority to vulnerable groups (based on age or presence of underlying health issues) and exposed groups (medical personnel) according to their respective national strategies. 

The vaccination campaign in the Canton of Geneva is starting with vaccinations for those over 75 years of age as the first priority group. Other residents of the Canton of Geneva, not in this priority group, can pre-register for a vaccination here: (in French). Those insured by CHIS should tick ‘Foreign insurance valid in CH’. You will need both your medical insurance number, and a mobile phone to pre-register. Those who have pre-registered will be contacted in due course along with all other members of their priority group, based on the information given during the pre-registration process. The authorities have indicated that non-priority (non-vulnerable) pre-registered people will probably not be able to be vaccinated before March 2021. The Canton of Geneva  is also permitting people residing in France and holding a carte de légitimation to pre-register at the above link.

The organization of the vaccination campaign is likely to evolve in accordance with the number of doses available and the number of people registered. For this reason, it is recommended that you regularly check the updates at the following website: (in French) published by the Canton of Geneva.

In the Canton de Vaud, appointments will be open from Thursday 7 January at 8.00 a.m. via the website (in French).

Information on vaccination campaigns in other Swiss cantons can be found here:  

CERN is exploring with the relevant Host States authorities the possibility of providing COVID-19 vaccinations on-site once the vaccine’s availability is expanded.