COVID-19 vaccination for residents in France

We have been informed that all members of CERN personnel, and their accompanying family members, residing in France will be included in the vaccination campaign, with the vaccine being made available to them in the same way and at the same pace as it is to others in their respective in France even if they do not hold a "carte vitale"

Vaccination is by appointment only:

More information can be obtained by calling from France the number 0 800 009 110 (lines open 7 days a week from 06:00 am -10:00 pm)

You will find the map of vaccination sites at the following address: Santé.fr - Centres de vaccination covid-19 ( (in French), along with eligibility criteria for those who can sign up for a vaccination Only those meeting the criteria should sign up. For the local area, a vaccination centre has opened at 112 rue Richard Gurley Drew, 74160 Archamps.

Where do you go to get vaccinated?
Vaccination centre, doctor, doctor of labour, nurse, pharmacy.... Our fact sheet explains who can vaccinate you .

Residents of France in possession of a legitimation card can also be included in the vaccination campaign in Switzerland, see the conditions here

We remind you that the "carte vitale" of the French Social Security is not necessary to be vaccinated even if some health professionals have not yet been properly informed of the procedure to be implemented.

Please note that we have actively worked with CERN services and national authorities to make it clear to all French vaccination centers that the "carte vitale" is NOT required to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in France and that a registration procedure for persons not holding the "carte vitale" (without a recognized NIR) is now defined, see here (Do I need to bring any special documents? -French only-).